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Student Life

A Platform to Learn and Grow

Clazroom College is always at the forefront of providing quality education and taking the lead to try new initiatives.

We strive to provide an environment where students are encouraged to express their ideas, think outside the

box, challenge problems with innovative solutions and most importantly – to learn faster and more effectively.

Clazroom College
Clazroom College
Stduent’s lounge
Stduent’s lounge
Study Area
Study Area

The Student Club

Discover Life
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An organisation formed by students, allowing students to develop into all-rounders, in terms of ethics, intellect, social skills and design aesthetics, according to their own attributes. Students emerge, capable of lifelong learning, critical and exploratory thinking, constantly innovating and adapting to change. We organise activities that expose students mentally and socially, in order to facilitate creativity as students are motivated to discover things by themselves, emphasizing on creativity to help students develop their own creative personality traits.


Jet Ong


Yew Tse Ying
Vice President


Leong Jie Yi


Jackson Lim


Ong Ching Yi
Event Organiser

We are the future leaders of the creative industry
We are the future leaders of the creative industry
A variety of events help students bond
A variety of events help students bond
Studio visit help prepare us for the working world
Studio visit help prepare us for the working world
We make college life awesome!
We make college life awesome!

Core values

We strive to provide a platform enabling key soft-skills to be learnt during your time in Claz'room College. Students’ behaviour will develop to appreciate work values, creating a core culture that enhances your level of engagement, performance, and effective learning. These core values underlie our work, how we interact with each other, and which strategies we implement to fulfill our mission and dreams, in our career and personal life. This is why our graduates are highly sought after, and excel above all others in their respective fields.




Communicate with heart, feeling concern, and looking after or providing support for those in need 

* Awards are given when someone is always concerned about others, especially seniors who are trying to take care of their juniors, helping and guiding them in their journey




A strong desire to know or learn something, being passionate towards education and learning new things constantly 

* Awards are given to students who spend time and effort trying to learn, regardless of whether they have or don't have any foundation in art. We want to encourage students that really work very hard and who are serious about their studies




Doesn't just sit around and think about an issue, but gets up and does something about it

* Awards are given to those who aim high and take action to achieve what they want to. This award is applies to students who are active and help both themselves and others accomplish any activities. Students who show a lot of improvement in their studies may also be awarded.




Great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of something; a quality that makes something interesting or exciting, 有朝气, 有活力, 动力!

* Awards are given to students who are always active, with a smiling face, full of positive energy! Students who are always joining our activities,  and are keen on fostering more bonds and a strong student community.




Always respect everyone, no matter if they're your seniors or lecturers, and always be humble

* Awards are given to students who respect everyone, are polite and kind, are humble even when they're good at something, and are willing to accept critiques.




Achieving something really innovative and creative.

* Awards are given to students who showcase their creativity, exploring something new and interesting in their assignments.




Always deliver something that makes us say 'WOW!'

* Awards are given to students who produce awesome work - it can be activities/plans/assignments that really shocked us!! Students whose artworks have been selected many times for our Claz'room Awards will also get rewarded.




Live a meaningful life, leaving no regrets behind and always being positive

* Awards are given to students who live life to the fullest in Claz'room, participating in all kinds of meaningful activities and always maintaining a  positive outlook on life.

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