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Digital Film Production

The most exciting, creative and rapidly evolving industries.
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About this subject

"The world is consistently on the look-out for new ideas, new stories and new talent"

Choose this highly creative and practical course to learn the latest techniques for producing cutting-edge film and television content.

You will have access to professional standard single and multi-camera facilities from the outset. Under the guidance of our experts, many of them film and television professionals, you will develop the directing, editing, green screen, camera-operating, writing, recording and visual effects skills, that you will need in order to tackle a range of genres and professional disciplines.

Over the two years, you will have the chance to imagine and make your own videos or documentaries, your own studio programmes and to hone your specialist skills in large-scale group productions.


Research & development Study, Vector & Compositing Study, Photography, Videography, Performing Act Study, Online Broadcast, 3D Fundamental, Post-production, Film Effect, Micro Film Project

Future Careers

Director, Producer, Script-writer, Storyboard Artist, Visual Effect Artist, Motion Graphic Artist, Compositor, Videographer, Sound Engineer, Production Photographer, YouTuber, Production Crew

digital film production portfolio
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Course Outline

Full training programmes at Clazroom College run for a total of two years and are divided into six semesters for each course. Each semester lasts four months, which also includes a holiday/semester break

Semester 1

For your first semester, you will learn about pre-production  processes such as concept development, planning, frame sketches, colour mood studies, vector art creation, photo and video composition, script-writing and more.

Semester 2

In this semester, you will start to learn how to create motion graphics and storyboards, advanced script-writing and screen plays. You will also start to get familiar with film equipment.

Semester 3

You will start learning how to create your very own Youtube Channel. You will also learn about 3D production for motion graphics, film editing techniques and special visual effects.

Semester 4

You will be working on your very own Micro Film Project, starting from concept development and planning. In addition to that, you will be learning advanced visual effects used in blockbuster films.

Semester 5

You will be working on the production of your own Micro Film Project, such as the actual filming, voice overs and more. Advanced special visual effects and techniques for film will be introduced, such as “Stop-motion.”

Semester 6

You will be working on the post-production of your own Micro Film Project, composing and finalising it. This will be followed by learning how to share and broadcast it. Meanwhile, you will be learning to create impressive portfolios, in order to prepare for your future career.


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Submission for registration

Enrollment Submission:
Students are required to submit the following documents upon registration for the Full-Time Course programme:

  • 1 x Registration form (or online registration form)
  • 2 x I/C photocopy
  • 1x Photocopy of any equivalent of education certification. (SPM result is not required to enroll the programs)
  • 2 x A4 size artwsorks (any drawing: sketches, anime character, human portrait drawing etc)
  • 2 x Passport Size Photo

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