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Who’s your favorite Lecturer in Clazroom College?

Those that have graduated, do you still remember who is your favorite teacher, lecturer or mentor? And, how about people who still studying? Anyone crossed your mind when someone asks you, “Who’s your favorite lecturer”?

In Claz’room, we conduct a survey every Semester, in order to gather feedback from the students to ensure that we can understand them and through the survey, we can provide the best learning environment.

“Who’s your favorite Lecturer & Why” is one of the main surveys in this session. Today, we’re here to share with you one of the favorite lecturers in Claz’room and you’ll know why at the end this article.

Now, that person that we are talking about is Kai E.

Kai E is one of our lecturer in Claz’room mainly teaching all line art related subjects. We’ll share more of his artworks in the coming article. So, today let’s just check the way how he taking care of student’s assignment and give a constructive guidance to the students.

Amazing right?! He has gone all the way for the thoughts and comments on all the artworks to make the correction like the above images. Which one is your favorite piece?

We are sure that students extremely enjoyed his class because of the way how KaiE interacts with students.

Every lecturer has their own unique method of conducting the class, there are no definite guidelines for lecturers to follow. They have to be creative in their own way to make sure all our students studying under them, be able to learn and perform well in their class.

Perhaps, we should show you the results of students that are taught by him. Let’s see!!

Nothing comes easy, both parties have to work hard in order to achieve something. And we’re glad that our students gave their upmost effort to improve their skills by presenting him the work progress and improvise their art once received feedback from the lecturer.

And this is one of the successful methods we had in our syllabus and implemented in the courses here in Claz’room.

Can’t help to not believe in this? Take some time to look at what the student commented after their class. Most students feel, “How I wish I have this KIND of lecturer teaching in my class!!”

Our lecturers here are as passionate about the art as you are, so isn’t it a great experience to learn from someone that has the same energy as you do?

It is really important for you to learn from the correct person in the correct place. Claz’room will be a great place for those who have the passion to want more in Art.

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