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The Making of Ruby

Ruby, oh Ruby, who is Ruby? Ruby is the female character with the infusion of Sci-Fi elements created under the Character Modelling Course by Claz’room College. Today, we will reveal the whole process of the making of Ruby from 2D concept idea sketches, followed by 3D Modelling and finalize with lighting render.

Now, let’s see how much you understand about the making of 3D Modeling Character. Like the usual process, the first stage will be started with the concept drawings.

Then, followed by the stage where you need to sculpt the body of the character. Which is then, taking care of all the fine details of the hairs. This is the part where if you master a particular technique, you may able to demonstrate a really stunning details of a Character Modeling.

Next in the rigging stage, the artist need to add the entire joint to complete the rigging for the posing purposes.

Finally, let’s see the final preview of Ruby in several signs of progress. The wireframe, clay and the preview with the lighting render.

Now, that’s cool, right? You might not have the technique to build the 3D model yet but rest assured, you now understand 3D modeling more than ever before.

In Claz’room, this is how we train our student to use and explore the variety of software, making sure that they can easily fit into the CG Industry once graduated. This actually added advantages in terms of skills in multiple software that is very useful for students once they enter the working world.

You can learn all the techniques and master the art of 3D Modelling at Claz’room College, all in one place.

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