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The life of a Book Cover Illustrator in Comic & Publishing Industry

Clazroom College is one of the leading colleges in Malaysia offering 2D Illustration Course.

2D Illustration Course majored graduates have a wide opportunities in their career pathway. The top 2 most common industry they will be heading to is the Game & Animation Production Field, or the Comic & Publishing Industry.

Today, we would like share a story of our 2D Illustration majored graduate, Jia Hui, who is currently working in Comic & Publishing industry. Jia Hui works as a Book Cover Illustrator in Hup Lick Publishing.

Hup Lick Publishing is a leading publisher and supplier of quality educational materials of pedagogical content for 21st century learning.

Before we talk about what Jia Hui have achieved in the industry, let’s have a brief walkthrough of Jia Hui’s performance when she was a 2D Illustration majored student in Clazroom College.

Jia Hui is a very talented student and her performance in Clazroom College is outstanding. Not only she is able to cope with our syllabus but most importantly is that she is hardworking. In order to improve her works, Jia Hui has gone an extra mile to work hard and take up more practices to create more artworks whenever she had the time, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

From Line Art to Colored illustrations, we can see how much effort that Jia Hui had spent in  illustrating all these details to produced such fine artworks.

Here, we share with you some artworks she produced as a Cover Illustrator in Hup Lick Publishing.



Oprah Winfrey once said, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Therefore, if you found what you really passionate about and made it as your career, isn’t it fulfilling?

For Jia Hui, as a person who have such passion in Manga Art, and have become a Cover Illustrator, can you imagine how much that she enjoying her career? Every single piece of cover illustration that she illustrates and successfully published as the cover for all these reading materials, this must be really satisfying and motivating.

You only live once so, do what you really love. Bring dreams to life!

For those who shared the same dream as Jia Hui, what are you waiting for?

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