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Claz’room School Trip

This semester’s school trip we are grateful to be invited by 2 studios where our students got to interact and learn with experts of the industry.


Our first stop for the day was Gempak Starz.


Students were shown the process of producing a comic step by step at Gempak Starz and they got to try out their AR app.

Then, students went to visit Gempak Starz staff’s workplace to see the actual work progress and ask for bits of advice to inspire and help them in improving their works. This interaction also allowed them to understand better about the working environment in a comic publishing house with a huge team.

Next, they were guided to the gallery space where interactive installations have been put up. Students had so much fun in there.

Before leaving Gempak Starz, it’s shopping time!


Our last stop for the day is Glow Production. A short sharing and Q&A session was held and students are highly motivated and dedicated to further improve their works before they step into the real world industry.

Students also got to check out their workspace and the projects they are currently working on.

Thank you Gempak Starz and Glow Production for having us!


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