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Special Open Day – ‘Behind The Scenes’!

ThrowBack to our Special Open Day – ‘Behind The Scenes’!

The Special Open Day is a great success!!

Other than sharings from insights of Digital Film Production, there’s also FREE VFX Special Effect & Greenscreen Photo Compositing Workshop to have the unique hands on experience!

《影 视 制 作 课 程 特 別 開 放 日》大成功!!
出席的朋友們不只參與了講解影视幕后小講, 還學會了簡單又實用的特效及綠屏照片合成小技巧~真的獲益良多呢!😄😄

Group Photos with the attendees of the Special Open Day! Looked so fun~

Having fun posing in the greenscreen for the VFX workshop

After capturing photos in the greenscreen, they get to add in visual effects to it! How exciting!


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