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Remy, the mascot of Clazroom College

Remy, the mascot of Claz’room College

Who is Remy? Does anyone know Remy?

Remy, a cute racoon with a leaf on top of his head, is the mascot of Claz’room College. We created this cute fella based on the Claz’room slogan, “The Transformation Begins Here”. The leaf on his head is a magical leaf where he used to transform to anything he wants, it represents the “magic” we have in Claz’room, which will be able to transform all our students to whoever they hope to be in future.

Today, we’re here to share with you some fun and interesting designs we created for our mascot, Remy for some of the past events.

The above images are Remy in different outlook during our Comic Fiesta 2017, based on the theme – “Steampunk Magic”, we even have a T-shirt up for sale during the event.

As the leading Multimedia & Art College in Malaysia, we confident in presenting Remy more on different platforms. We have created Remy in 3D form as well as with animation as well too. Let’s check it out how Remy looked like in 3D appearance.

Once we sculpted Remy in the character modelling, we soon move to rigging and rendering, and then, our Ris moving on for 3D finishing for Animation.

It is always fun to spend time developing our super cute mascot, Remy.

Currently, Clazroom is working on developing Remy into comic and animation as well. We’re hoping to show you more interesting story once done, so stay tuned and we hope you can spot our Clazroom mascot, Remy near you.

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