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“ PeeYong Diary ” by Pei Yong

In Claz’room College, when our graduates have successfully completed their 2 years Advanced Diploma Course, they can choose either to further theirs studies in United Kingdom in Degree Courses offered by llandrillo Menai College, or opt for entering the world of working – into the industry they are anticipating to be a part of.

Today, we’re here to share a success story of one of our graduates, Pei Yong. Pei Yong works in Publishing Industry after she graduated from Clazroom College working as Illustrator who is responsible for the illustrations needed for reading materials.

She created a series of comic strips with the title “PeeYong Diary”. Below you will see some of the content of “PeeYong Diary”, it is a simple drawings but it brings joy to readers.




Pei Yong love both life and arts, she have planned to expressing her daily life experience by using comic strips. This is a way of how she share her daily encounters with interactive and hilarious messages.

If you want to have more updates about PeeYong Diary, you may follow her page at:-

A message from PeiYong :

“I really missed the time I spent studying in Clazroom College, not only I improved drawing skills, but also the direction of my personal growth. I would like to thank Clazroom especially to those lecturers who helped and guided me throughout my time here as a student.

And not to forget, to all my beloved CRI04 classmates, I hope there will be more opportunity for us to gather and catch up with each other’s life and work, and I hope that everyone (me included) will continue to work hard and enjoy our life to the max!!!”

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.

If you have the interests in what Pei Yong is doing but do not how, come and join us at Clazroom College TODAY, and we will share to you the secret skills, technique and experiences you need to be in this fascinating CG industry.

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