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Not Just a Lecturer but a Mentor – Claz’room College

Did you know what are the duties of a lecturer aside from giving lectures? This is the most common question being asked, in reality being a lecturer is nothing but simple like giving lectures.

In Claz’room, our lecturer responsibilities do not end after their lectures end. We believe that the importance of the influence of the lecturer on the student’s learning process. Our lecturer’s responsibilities continue even in the staff room where they are in charge to properly study their student artworks and provides pointers or feedbacks to induce improvements of the student for their next assignment.

Let’s us check out some of the arts correction by our lecturers. This is the “Assignment Marking stage” which is done before the lecturer meets and share more of the techniques in the next lesson.

Don’t you think how amazing that these students had their life turn 360 degrees after joining us at Claz’room College?

Our lecturers are as passionate about the art as you are, so isn’t it the great experience to learn from someone that has the same energy as you do?
The plus point is that these lineup of people here are the veteran in the field they are teaching.

It is really important for you to learn from the correct person in the correct place. Claz’room will be a great place for those who have the passion to want more in Art.

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