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Claz’room Halloween Party Night 2017


Halloween is one of our favorite event of the year where lectures, students, staffs gathered and dress up in fun costumes. This year we prepared a lot of food and games as well!

Boo! This year’s Halloween Party were held in advance at 27th October 2017. Everyone is ready for a haunting party on a Friday night ;D

Our staff and lecturer team.

Students were divided into 2 groups to prepare decorations and food for the night. We’re proud of their creativity! Don’t be fooled by the creepy appearance of the setting, they were delicious!

We didn’t have pumpkins to carve but that’s okay, we can always improvise XD

We have zombie juice too if you’re keen to try.

Look at everyone crowding to get food on their plates!

Check out everyone’s costume! Some were so good that we couldn’t even recognize them at first XD We had a costume contest for the party too, who do you think was the winner for the night? Read till the end of this post to find out~!

After filling our bellies, there’re mini-games session where everyone gave their best to win the challenges. By collecting all the stamps upon completing, they will stand a chance to win the lucky draw.

Everyone gathered for the costume contest.

A round of applause for the best-dressed female and male of the night! Appreciation gifts are given to the 2 teams of students who worked hard to prepare for the party.

Last but not least, the highlight of the night – Lucky Draw! Congratulations again to our lucky winners!

The lecturer and staffs team at Claz’room Academy wishes you a Happy Spooky Halloween!

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