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“Mr. Ouroboros” by Wong Chee Seng

“Mr. Ouroboros” is one of the Character Modeling project produced by Claz’room 3D Animation majored student, Wong Chee Seng. It is modeled after the concept art by Aleksandr Nikonov.

The head and body were sculpted in Zbrush while the other hard surfaces are made up entirely of Maya. For texturing, the clothing details are completed with the help of Zbrush then, it is later enhanced in Photoshop.
On the other hand, the metal surfaces are done in substance painter. Final render will be done by using Arnold Renderer.

Let’s look at all progress of the making of “Mr. Ouroboros”.

That’s wicked, isn’t it? Probably you may not have the technique to build the 3D Model yet, but now after reading this article, you have a head start about how the 3D Artist creates a 3D Model. In Claz’room, this is how we train our student to use and explore the variety of software, making sure that they can easily fit into the CG Industry once graduated. This actually an added advantages in terms of skills in multiple software which is very useful for students once they enter the working world.

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