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Monster Art Studies in Claz’room College

Based on the image above, it is a completed Monster Art Illustration done by a 2D Illustration student in Clazroom College. You must have seen a lot of final versions of Artworks, but perhaps very few have seen work in progress artworks. Especially, the timeline of how a student progress from zero to hero.

We strongly believe that the role of the lecturer in student’s learning process is relatively important. In Clazroom College, aside from reviewing and updating the syllabus according to the requirements, we also take the way of how our lecturer conduct a lesson seriously. Because we believe that the role of the lecturer plays have a great impact on the student’s learning progress.

Many may wonder how art is being taught and guided so that students produce a better art. How in question will be best explained by our Monster Art Lesson. In this class, students will learn to design a monster character whereby they will start with some rough sketches and then, work on the details in the next steps. Throughout the processes, the lecturer will critically evaluate the progress and point out all the mistakes that the students have in their artwork. And, in that process the students will be directed in a way to improve from their previous mistakes – thus, creation of a better Monster Designs. This is the most important stage because it is the backbone of the Monster Art that is being created.

Over the course of teaching and mentoring, these are the feedbacks from our students and how far they have come. With all the mentorships and critics exchange with the lecturers, the students showed great improvements and this is what we are constantly looking out for – interactive learning method.


Don’t you think it is amazing how these students’ life have a 360 degree changed after join us at Clazroom College? Our lecturers are passionate in art like you do, so it is a great experience to learn from someone with the same energy as you. The plus point is that they have a long experience in the area they are teaching.

It is really important for you to learn from the correct person in the correct place. Clazroom will be a great place for those who have passion to want more in Art.

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