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Mid Valley Future Emerging Art & Technology Fair 2018



” Every great artist was first an amateur. ” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Claz’room College’s Future Emerging Art & Technology Week at Mid Valley from 19th-25th March 2018. Our team is beyond grateful to receive an overwhelming response and inquiries from the public.

Below are a few highlights of the event week. *Caution: Photo Tsunami Alert!*


One of our major activity of the week, Line Art Competition! A collaboration by Kuretake and Clazr’oom, it is indeed a rare exposure chance to show and profile your skills & artwork!




There also Live Art Demonstration on the weekends by our super talented Lecturers – Lecturer Kai E & Lecturer Kazeo!


Garena AOV Green Screen Interactive Photo Booth and Raceroom is definitely one of the biggest crowd-puller!



Interested in the courses offered? Stop by to our counseling booth to find out our latest deals and course structures! We even displayed a sneak peek of The Making of After War at our booth, you do not want to miss it!




Not to mention we also have 3D Printing and Cintiq 3D Demo so that the crowd will have a glimpse of the latest portable 3D print machine and how 3D drawings are drawn.


Look at all these happy faces!


We have an awesome and exciting week here at the < Future Emerging Art & Technology Week >! Hope to see you again real soon!

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