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Manga Line Art by Sinms

Sinms, you might be familiar with this name, as we have previously shared his extremely detailed Concept Design drawings. He is one of the lecturers in Claz’room College taking care of Concept Design and Manga Line Art.

Sinms is very popular among the students for being the most patience in teaching. Due to his patience temperament, it is not surprising that his drawing style that appears to be such a stunning detailed piece.

Below is part of his Manga Line Art drawings. Let’s see how cool these drawings are.

Aside from Manga Line Art Character Based only, Sinms is actually also really good in Manga Line Art Illustration with extremely detailed background drawings with a great composition. Let’s see if you can feel the awesomeness when looking at all these drawings with such amazing details.

So, what do you think of after looking at the images above? Impressive isn’t it?

That’s how good our lecturer is. Sinms is very popular among students and a dedicated teacher, you can easily spot him in Claz’room Library, spending extra time to help our students to improve their Arts Skill. If you really hope to learn from a lecturer like him, Claz’room will be a good place to study.

Get the best from the best, it is important to know who you learn from and what will you learn. Claz’room will be the best place for you, who have the passion to do more in Arts.

So what are you waiting for, register to join Claz’room College TODAY!!

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