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Illustrations for Comic Fiesta by Kazeo


To all Manga & Anime fans in Malaysia!!! We are confident that you have heard of Comic Fiesta, is Malaysia’s longest-running convention that focuses on animation, comics and games. It is an event that all manga & anime fans will wish to participate every year.

Claz’room College is one of the leading colleges in Malaysia, we provides concise syllabus for the students who studying related course here. Therefore, Claz’room College is one of the honored college which will appear in Comic Fiesta.

Kazeo, one of our lecturers in Claz’room College who mainly taking care of all Manga related subjects is always one of the highlights during Comic Fiesta. He had his fans based as mentioned in the previous article, “Manga Character Studies by Kazeo Yuurin”, this event allows his fans to come over for a small meet and greet session in our Claz’room College. Aside from that, this is an opportunity to be able to purchase a limited amount of his artworks. His illustration for Comic Fiesta had been one of the “MUST GET” collections of his fans in this event.

This is the illustration that he did during 2015 with the theme of Culinary.

This is the illustration that he did during 2016 with the theme of Hero.

This is the illustration that he did during 2017 with the theme of Steampunk Magician.

So, how do you feel after looking at the cool artworks from the master? Excited isn’t it, calm down folks because what we going to give you is a bigger surprise!

Coming soon this year…

Psst!! An insider review of what Kazeo are doing now for Comic Fiesta 2018 is much more different and much more impact as compare to the previous years and we believe this round will awesome and the best plan that we can offer.

Wish to know more? Stay tuned for more updates in our Claz’room College Facebook Page or Comic Fiesta Official Facebook Page.

If you really wish to learn from the expert, learn from Kazeo!!!

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