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Concept Design

“Conceptual drawing”, a term that you might be familiar with but to what extent do you understand about conceptual drawing?
Well, Concept Design is defined as an early phase of the design process, where it is a very important stage for an artist to brainstorms all the elements such as character, props and environment concept for a particular game or animation project.

While Conceptual drawings or sketches are drawings, often freehand, that are used by for idea brainstorming processes in concept design.
In Claz’room, before we go deep into the complex topic of conceptual drawing, we will begin with getting our students to familiarize with conceptual art sketching for objects or props that can be found around us.

From the most common things that we can find in our daily life, and with some interesting elements added, it will slowly transform from something dull to extraordinary or something a surreal mix of fact and fantasy.

Let’s have a look at some of the practices we did in the class. These are all objects that you’ll easily find around you.

Once students are confident in handling the shape, proportion on objects, and understand the mechanism or certain combination of machines, we will then guide and encourage them to add in more of their own idea onto the props and that’s where all these props become something completely different and often these are found commonly in games, fantasy movie, sci-fi movie and etc.

Now, looking at these awesome Concept Designs works, did you realized that any simple forms object can easily transform into something really interesting? It is as if you add in certain elements or designs and the overall props or object can be turned up to be really cool.

For the people who are reading this article, you try now and be excited about the results!!

In Claz’room, we have a comprehensive syllabus where we are capable of training the students from zeroes to heroes. Thru step by steps formula and the mastery techniques by the lecturers, you are going to be expert in no time.

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