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Clazroom Graduates Winning International Awards

Won an International Art Award by Claz’room Graduates – Starts from here at Claz’room College.

In Claz’room College, when our graduates have successfully completed their 2 years Advanced Diploma Course, they can choose either to further their studies in the United Kingdom in Degree Courses offered by Llandrillo Menai College, or enter into the world of working – into the industry they are anticipating to be a part of.

Today, we’re proud to share an achievement of one of our Claz’room graduates who is none other than Kelvin Cheng, who participated in several competitions, exhibitions and on top of that won an international award.

Kelvin currently works as a 3D artist in Silver Ant, one of the leading CG Company in Malaysia. Working in such great CG company is not easy and often he has tight schedules and deadlines, but with the passion he has, he still finds some time to produce his own arts. The passion for art and continuously self-improvement had led him to his success today. Let’s have a look at all his artworks below.

Besides actively involved in art, Kelvin also participates in various contests and exhibitions in order to gain more experiences and get to know more artists around the world. His arts have been shortlisted in “Bridgeman Studio Award, London” & “UOB Painting of the year 2017, Malaysia.”

One of his biggest achievements is being able to be the participants in world-class exhibitions such as, “Arthink Edition” ranking 11th exhibited in Lazio, Italy and also the exhibitions at MUMEDI, the Mexican Museum of Design, Mexico”.

The passion in the drawing is the key to drive Kelvin to continue to explore and discover more in Arts.

Claz’room College is really proud of our graduates who found their directions and working on great progress towards their dreams.

If you want to have more updates about Kelvin’s Art, you may follow him on:


It is a blessing to be able to do what like as a career. The feeling of excitement in every piece of art produced is unimaginable. Perhaps you will be wondering what are the skills, techniques, and experiences you need to be a part of this fascinating CG industry.

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