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Overwatch FanArt by Ang


In just 2 years, “Overwatch” has become a sensational game all over the world. If we would do a headcount of “Who is Overwatch fan?” wonder how big the numbers we will get. Since the game is so popular, the characters of game shall not be forgotten. So, who is your favourite character?

Now, talking about Overwatch must not leave one of lecturer, Ang out. Because he is one of the die hard fan of Overwatch and his favourite characters are D.Va, Widowmaker and Tracer. For all the characters, there is an illustrations done by him. Below is the illustration of his for the love of the game.

Firstly, the character called Widowmaker and Tracer. The details of the arts shows how Ang dedication and patience in the process of producing the illustration. It is one of style that he taught in class and many students attending his lesson are awed by the illustrations that Ang did with all those detailed strokes.

Secondly, for D.Va, we will share with you some of the steps of creating the details in his artworks.

Look at these artworks by Ang, have you ever wonder how he can illustrates the drawings with such surreal details? Well, that’s the secret techniquw he’ll only share in his class.

So, if you wanna know how, come and join Clazroom College TODAY and learn from the master!

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