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3D Fundamental in Claz’room

Choosing what to study after SPM can be frustrating. Some are fortunate enough to know what to study even before they are graduating from their secondary studies. In Claz’room College, students that joined our college for a reason and that reason can be for the love of Animation, 3D Modelling, Manga Arts, and Conceptual Arts and more, you can name it.

The students at Claz’room College are required to be trained for a Semester known as the Foundation Semester before they can choose their major. This is to allow the students to explore all the fundamental subjects in order for them to grasps the understanding of the subjects or the major they will be majoring at in the future.

In the Fundamental Semester, there is a subject where we will normally receive feedbacks from the student that they are excited and also be very afraid of at the same because it is something that they have never experienced or taught in school before. The subject as mentioned is 3D Fundamental.

It is normal for one to be excited to be learning something that you like and be afraid at the same time as you are stepping out into the unknown subject. The feeling of anxiety is well understood and in Claz’room College, we have our own teaching technique where we will be guiding the students step by step to learn and be an explorer of the subjects that they have yet to know. The results of the learning in Claz’room College is amazing, most of the students here are evolving in these 3 months of Foundations and we are talking about these students that come with zero knowledge about 3D field.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the 3D artworks produced by Clazroom College students in their Semester One.

Do you ever think of one day, you can have the skills to produce such amazing work even if it is just in 3 months’ time? Well, of course you can! As long as you have the passion, learn in the correct method and from the correct person!!

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