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Zbrush Sculpting “Grommash Hellscream”


Games and animation development technologies have been evolving fast over the recent years. The capacity of rendering and game engine has become a lot more advanced comparing to the previous generations.

And the requirement for modeling game assets it has grown more demanding in its quality and details.

Zbrush which is a digital sculpting program has now become a must-learn software as a 3D modeller. This is because it can help to produce very high resolution models efficiently in a shorter time to integrate with another standard 3D platform such as Maya.

“Grommash Hellscream” is a figure completely made by using Zbrush, the sculpting process begin with the building a base mesh focused onto making the silhouette first. Then, subdivide into a very high and dense polygons with the program equipped with a lot of interesting and realistic sculpting tools making it feeling like working on a traditional sculpture.


From the images above, you will probably can notice the fine details of the Zbrush Sculpting where they are the details required especially for those AAA console game graphics.



Are you keen to be in the gaming and animation industry? If yes, Zbrush Sculpting will be one of the very important skills needed as a 3D Modeller.

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