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Works Behind The Scene – 3D Modelling of a Racing Car

Racing Car Game is one of the most popular game regardless of all ages. In Clazroom Game Design Course, we prepare our students to take up an extra set of skills in order to be able handle such topic and to be well equipped for a broader types industry that can be looking for such talents.

In this article, Claz’room would like to show some of the work in progress of 3D Racing Cars is being modelled.

Based on the video above, we believe that you have a rough idea of how we guide our students in 3D Racing Car modelling and once completed they will import all these art assets into game engine.

These are some of the techniques that you’ll learn in our Game Design Course. It takes a lot of passion and commitment to become a professional in this area but don’t worry, we are here to teach you what you need.


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