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The Frankenstein | 3D Modeling Breakdown


“Ghost Kart”, a kart racing game developed by Claz’room Game Design Course. The most exciting part of this game development is the Game Characters Design, and one of the most significant character is “The Frankenstein”.



Take a look at the sneak preview of the character below, from raw sketches to 3D Modelling.



The above concept arts is one of the early sketches of characters that will appear in game. This is the stage where we as the concept artist will have to draft out some sketches in the process to brainstorm the idea of how we wish how the characters develop into. The concept artists will have to do more research to bring the character to life in this stage of process.

Once the design is finalised, the next process is colour design, where artists will decide the best colour combination for the characters.

To the person who really love character design; this is a perfect platform for you to show your creativity and ideas.



As all the concept art is completed, 3D Modeling is the next stage. It is very important to have a great concept art drawing in order to produce a detailed 3D Modeling.

From the images above, you can see the 3D Sculpting done in clay finishing, next stage will be the retopology and texturing process, then followed by rigging, animation and more.

Sounds like a lot of complicated process, right? Don’t worry, we’ll keep everyone up to date of “The Making of Ghost Kart”, the project done by Clazroom Game Design Course.

It seems that it is not simple to produce something looked as cool as above right? You might not have the technique to build the 3D model yet, but after reading this articles you at least get to know some of the steps behind a character that you always see in game.

So stay tuned.

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