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Perspective Studies in Clazroom College

Perspective, the art of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface so as the give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other.

Perspective Studies is one of the most important subjects that all of our Claz’room students will have to master. This subject is rather new and it is a challenging subject at the same time to our students because designs are bound by a certain “Rules”. Therefore, the students will be required to draw and design according to a set of “Rules” so that the arts or scene they are drawing have the correct space and depths.

In Claz’room College, we have our own teaching method that even students who never expose to Perspective content will pick up and master this skill  in no time.

Here to share with you some of the perspective drawings drawn by our students in their Perspective Studies Course.


They will start from something simple in the beginning of Perspective Studies and gradually move into something more complex and with details.


Besides drawing interior with perspective, students will be exposed to the techniques to draw exterior with perspective as well.


Some people may have a wrong perception on “Perspective Studies” where they think they only need to apply this knowledge to draw some architecture or building. However, when a student grasped the key knowledge of Perspective, it is applicable in any place literally, even a scene inside a cave just like what is shown in the photo below.


Perspective gives the impression of space and depth for how a particular scene should look like in a flat surface. Claz’room student are capable in drawing great scenes of correct impression, with the skills that they’ve mastered in the Perspective Studies lesson.

Most of us will be struggling in this chapter of drawing scenery that we aspiring to draw. When looking at the student’s artworks, don’t you think you too can be as good as the student in Claz’room or perhaps better if you have a proper guidance? Learn from Claz’room College and be ready to be as good as our students and beyond.

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