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Omniexient & Warframe Projects by Kevin Yeo

In Clazroom College, when our graduates have successfully completed their 2 years Advanced Diploma Course, they can choose either to further theirs studies in United Kingdom in Degree Courses offered by llandrillo Menai College, or option for entering the world of working – into the industry they are anticipating to be a part of.

We are always reaching out to our graduates to know how they are doing. One of our graduates we would like to share today is one of Clazroom College 2D Illustration majored graduate, Kevin Yeo. He currently working as a 2D Concept Artist in Streamline Studios.

Streamline Studios is a leading game developer and development solutions provider for the video games industry. Major game publishers, film studios, and brands, including Final Fantasy XV, Street Fighter V, Marvel vs. Capcom, Bioshock Infinite, Avatar, and Coca-Cola use Streamline’s bespoke game development solutions.

Kevin is a very passionate in arts and some of the arts he have been continuously drawn and produce is the Arts of “Warframe” & “Omniexient” which we are sharing today.

For project “Omniexient”, here are some of his art for his personal project that he has been developing during his downtime from work.

Although he had been busy however, he is still find some time to make a progress for it. Basically, Omniexient is a sci-fi fantasy themed project which centralized about a suit that gives power to the user to protect or destroy depending on their mission in a fantasy future world. Omniexient is far from completion according to Kevin but he have plans to continue the developments of Omniexient in the future and complete it sometime in near future.



On the other hand project “Warframe” as based on the art pieces you see here. These art pieces includes some of the fan art drawn by Kevin during his free time while some of them are work-related art.

The fan arts he have drawn on his free time is to practice and improve his work quality and efficiency of the workflow and hence, improving the output of his next piece.

Besides that, he would experimenting on different techniques to see which technique works and best fit to his art and workflow.

Skills and communication are important in client-related works but what is important for an artist in this industry is the ability to solve the problems that the clients have in a limited amount of time and to be able to bring out the desired final outcome.

Other than that, having those in mind; it’s an enjoyable process to work on when you know what the client wants and able to solve the problem with it at the same time.



One of the biggest achievement for all 2D Illustration Artist, is that you’re given chance to handle Cover Illustration for publishing materials. Kevin has been handling the cover illustration for “Warframe”, below is the cover for the 3 issues of magazine illustrated by him.



The passion in drawing is the key to drive Kevin in continue to explore and discover more in Arts. Clazroom College is really proud of our graduates who found their directions and working in great progress towards their dream.

If you want to have more updates about Kevin’s Art, you may follow him on:

That’s a way to live a life to the fullest, we would say for being able to do what you like to do as a career. Perhaps you will be wondering what are the skills, techniques and experiences you need to be a part of this fascinating CG industry.

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