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Manga Character Studies by Kazeo Yuurin

Due to the influences of Manga Industry from Japan and their culture, Manga Art lately has become one of the most trending art styles.

The Industry has become higher in demand for Manga Art contents and this creates a lot of job opportunities; it’s definitely a great news for people who really love Manga Art and able to pursue their lifelong dream job.

Claz’room College is one of the leading colleges in Malaysia that provides wonderful syllabus for students who studying Manga related course. Today, we’re here to share with you the tips to become a better artist from one of our lecturer – Kazeo Yuurin who handles Manga courses.

Kazeo’s artistic talent has been the admiration of many people that he comes across and eventually creates his own fan base which expands over time. However, little that people really know the sweat and tears behind his amazing skills.

At the eyes of public Kazeo are seen as a person whom already did so well in this field, however, he is still doing a lot of daily practices, just so that he can always deliver lectures at his best.

One of his personal favourite practice methods is Female Character Drawing based on observation from photo references.



In Claz’room, all the knowledge and techniques you need will be shared with you. Manga Character mastery will require passion and with the correct practice method and time, you will be as good as Kazeo. Like sayings go, Practice makes perfect.

Even a great master like Kazeo is continuously working hard to practice, so what’re you waiting for?!!

Wow!!! Aren’t you feeling excited after looking at these art pieces from the master? If you really wish to learn from the expert, learn from Kazeo!!!

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