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Manga Character Art by Jun Wei

Claz’room College is one of the leading colleges in Malaysia offering 2D Illustration Course. One of the subject taught in 2D Illustration Course is Manga Character Art.

Manga Industry from Japan and their culture have brought their trend across the oceans to most countries. We strongly believe the impact of the manga cultures have brought the popularity rise in both the views and art enthusiast. In Claz’room College, Manga Character is quite popular subject being taught and it is currently the most trending art styles in the industry.

The Industry has become higher in demand of contents for Manga Art and this creates a lot of job opportunities.

In this article, we would like share a story of our 2D Illustration majored graduate, Jun Wei, who is currently working in Claz’room College – Creative Department, where he is currently taking care of all Manga related content for our promotional items, prints, merchandises and more.

It is of course a great experience for the people who really love Manga Art and to be able to turn their passion into lifelong dream job it is like a dream comes true.

On an additional note, Jun Wei is also one of our Claz’room Scholarship holder when he is studying in Claz’room awarded for his outstanding performances.

Aside from producing the output contents required for his tasks in Claz’room, we have noticed that Jun Wei also on his extra time at home producing a lot of Manga Character artworks. Let’s look at all his wonderful artworks.


Below is one of the artworks that done by Jun Wei steps by steps


Jun Wei, is a very hardworking young man who is very passionate in Manga Art.

Nothing comes easy, you may love Manga Art as him, but if you really want to make this as your career, lifelong dream job, you have to be passionate and hard working too.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Your limits are all within yourself.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join Claz’room College TODAY!!

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