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Making of AfterWar : Concept Design

Making of AfterWar : Concept Design


Every semester, we will have Internship Program open to our Claz’room Graduates. Our intention for this Internship Program is to create a platform to our student whom graduating from their course to gain some hands-on experience from the lecturer before they step into the working world.

“AfterWar” is one of the project done under Claz‘room Internship Program.


Today, Claz‘room College introduces the conceptual drawing of “AfterWar”, also known as the Concept Design of AfterWar.

You might be asking, what is Concept Design?

Concept Design is defined as an early phase of the design process, where it’s a very important stage for artist to brainstorms all the elements such as character, props and environment concept for a particular game or animation project.

To put it simple, it is the starting phase where the artist drafting for elements he/she is responsible of through a series of research.

In AfterWar Project, the key person for all the Concept Design is none other than Simns, one of the lecturer who handled Concept Design related subjects in Claz‘room College.






Wow! That’s cool isn’t it? Looking at these awesome Concept Designs by Simns, do you want to be a Concept Artist with such amazing skills like Simns?

You can learn all the techniques and master the art of Conceptual Design at Claz’room College.


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