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Making of AfterWar : 3D Modeling of Mecha War Machine



“AfterWar” is one of the project completed under Claz’room Internship Program.

Today, Claz’room College introduces the Mecha character modeling from “AfterWar”.

Nowadays, people are familiar with the term “3D”, especially from big movie titles like Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks.

But not everyone have a chance to understand how 3D animated movie being produced. Therefore, we are here to share the basic concept of the making of 3D animated movie.

In order to produce 3D animated content, there are several stages. One of the process is “3D modeling”, where 3D artists create and prepare all the assets including characters, background, props in 3D finishing.

So, let’s focus on how we turn the 2D concept become 3D form. We are going to share the making progress of the Mecha War Machine from After War!!


Once the concept finalized  by 2D Concept Artist, 3D Artist will take over and begin with  modeling stage. They will make the basic polygon form according to the concept art. We called this stage as “the blocking stage”. Then they will proceed with more details modeling using various modeling tools.


Once modeling done, we can preview our modeling in wireframe and clay mode.


After that, we will proceed by applying textures and colour on the clay. But first, the artist will have to unwrap the UV, and then apply the texture onto the UV.


Applying texture is not simple, especially when we want to make it looks realistic, there are 3 basic texture maps :
Diffuse Map – control the color
Normal Map – control the emboss
Specular Map – Control the materials


Once the texturing stage is done, then we’ll proceed to lighting stage, where this is the stage we’ll render out the Mecha with lighting setup. You may think this stage as the Photography work where they will have to set the correct or suitable light source, to enhance the beauty of the product. Lighting is a very important stage where we set the light according to the atmosphere color mood to enhance the appearance on specific scene.  For example, how is the light between daylight and moonlight. Different lighting will directly influence the credibility of the object in a scene. It’ll require a very good sense of color mood planning.



Wow! That’s cool isn’t it? You might not have the technique to build the 3D model yet, but at least you understand now how 3D artist create a 3D model.

You can learn all the techniques and master the art of 3D Modeling at Claz’room College.


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