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Key Color Planning for Illustration

In every timeline of our life, there is a strong presences of a figure whom we owe our life to other than our parents. This important role figure, we strongly believe is the person known as teacher or lecturer. Clazroom College believe that the importance of a lecturer’s role in learning processes. Our lecturers take the lesson session seriously and constantly improving the quality of deliverance of the subjects.

In this article, we would like to share with you some of our student’s work in progress who is undergoing their 2D Illustration Course.

Before the student starts their sketches, they will first be briefed about the topic or theme of the assignments they are about to work on. The sketches that are done preliminarily will be accessed and approved by the lecturer in charge. Then, the student will work on the line art drawings of the approved sketch which later liven up with colors.

Many may not know that in the coloring stage, there is an important step known as “The Key Color Planning” are crucial in determining the overall look in the illustrations that they are working on.

Here, the role of the lecturers in Clazroom fares importantly to guide the students to initiate the planning processes of the overall color combination right before they starts with the detailed drawings.



So, what do you think of after looking at the images above? Impressive isn’t it?

That’s the way how our lecturer guide all the students in their classes. Our secret to shorten the time needed for the students to be better in their skills. This is the teaching method we called “Demonstration” and it is proven in our experiences, the most effective teaching method which guides students to understands their weaknesses and how to get better.

Get the best from the best, it is important to know who you learn from and what will you learn. Clazroom will be the best place for you, who have the passion to do more in Arts.


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