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Figure Studies by Claz’room College

Claz’room College is one of the leading colleges in Malaysia offering 2D Illustration, 3D Animation & Game Design Course. No matter which course you’re interested in, all students will have to go through a Foundation Training before you can begin your major course.

Figure Studies is one of the core subject taught during the First Semester which also known as the Foundation Semester. The objective of this semester is to train students with and without the basics of drawing. In this Figure Studies, students are exposed to the art of human portrait drawing, anatomy studies, gestures, muscles and bone structure studies.

We can see some of the examples provided here of our students learning progress and how these students undergoes intensive skill training and their achievements throughout their academic year here with us, Clazroom College.

Most our students here begins their journey in aspiring artists with very limited skills and knowledge in human figure drawing. We put them in a little test just to see to how much extent that they understand about the art of drawing human portrait before we introduce them to the content of our course. The result is obvious as these new students are relatively weak in it and most of the drawings are not in the correct proportions.

So, after 3 months of training in Clazroom College how the skills of these students will transform into? We will let the pictures below be the answer to your very questions.


Very common question we get is, “I don’t have any art foundation, can I join your course?” well a music to your ears, YES!! You see more than 50% of our students do not have any art foundation prior joining our course. We have our own training method in guiding the students learning steps by steps. The only catch is that you must have the passion and consistent effort in learning. With our training guides, we are anticipating what these students can achieve once they graduated from our course.

Are you passionate to be in the Art Industry? Do you think CG Industry is fascinating and being a part of it, is like living in dreams? Think no more, Join Clazroom College Today and begin your journey here.

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