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Clazroom College 3D Fundamental Course “The Racing Bike”


In Claz’room College, before the students may choose to be undertaking their selected majors – 2D Illustration Course, 3D Animation Course & Game Design Course. Students will have to go thru a Foundation Semester, where they are trained to master all the fundamentals.

One of the fundamental subjects, which very new and challenging to the new students will be the 3D Fundamental Course. We can say almost 99% of our students started their first exploration of 3D related techniques and learning in this course.

Although it may seems challenging, but we have our way on how to guide these students to master it even if you started as someone with zero knowledge in 3D.

Therefore, what are we’re about to share with you today is one of the assignment done by one of Claz’room Foundation Semester student. The topic of the assignment is “Racing Bike 3D Modelling”.

Below shows some of the 3D modelling work progresses.


A preview of the Racing Bike 3D Modelling in wireframe preview.


Once modelling completes, then it will proceed to UV unwrap and preparation of the texture for the object. Since it is just a fundamental subject, usually we will only guide students on handling simple graphic forms texture. Then, followed by applying the texture on the bike modelling and guiding them on the most suitable setting for materials of the modelling.


Next, will be a preview of the Racing Bike 3D Modelling with suitable texture applied. Once this stage is completed, student will be able to explore on the lighting setup and rendering. Our lecturers are experienced, we are well equipped with the how to guide students in step by step such that they are able to absorb all required techniques. However, 3D modelling might be real challenge for people who is new to this field.


Booooommmm!!! And here’s the final outcome of the Racing Bike 3D modelling.

Do you ever thought of one day that you can have the skills to produce such amazing work even if it is just in 3 months’ time? Well, of course you can, as long as you have the passion, learn in the correct method and from the correct person!!

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