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2D Illustration Graduates

Kevin Yeo Chan Han

Major: 2D Illustration

Company: Streamline Studios Malaysia

Claz'room is a school that teaches and introduces you to the basic fundamentals, that help you prepare for a future in the creative industries. Fundamentals include anatomy, perspective, light, colour, concept, illustration and design.

The school goes straight into practical skills rather than theoretical skills, which are essential for when you go out into the world. While they offer a reasonable amount of time to explore and refine your practical skill, they also provide a comfortable environments for you to settle into, study and learn. It is a great place to make connections with new friends, while getting the opportunity to do various activities.

Most importantly, you will learn how to communicate with others, as this will be a critically important skill along with your portfolio in the long run, when you enter the workforce.

Claz'room is an effective place for those who know what they want and have decided to pursue this field as their career of choice. It is also a place where you have many opportunities to enter the industry, as the school has strong connections with many studios.

All and all it comes down to the individual - how they handle and manage their time, to learn, improve and progress further in their career. The school is there to guide you and to give you a (large) head start to move forward.

Chai Jia Hui

Major: 2D Illustration

Company: Hup Lick Publishing (M) Sdn Bhd

Someone once said “Since the beginning of time, we have never been, nor will we be perfect.” However I wanted my story to begin, and to open hidden doors to reach those unrealised dreams of mine. I would give hundreds of thank you’s to Claz’room College for helping me make my own bright future, in addition to my friends and classmates who brightened me up every single day.

To everyone else, you never know what you’re capable of, if you don’t take the first step. If you never start, you won’t know how far you can go. Prove you can do it - I guarantee if you give up thinking you’re no good, you’ll regret it later. If you fall, stand up and continue. Once again, thank you to Claz’room for helping me write my own story.

Clarissa Tong Zhong Xuan

Major: 2D Illustration

Company: Claz'room Education Sdn Bhd

School is an integral part of life. Before I enrolled, I was excited, because everything was so new to me, such as socialising and learning communication skills, art techniques and the culture in Kuala Lumpur. After joining Clazroom, I cherished the time spent with my lecturers and claz'mates, and had many meaningful moments with them throughout the study period. Now as an alumnus, I am still exploring; I've never stopped learning even though I have graduated. Don't ever lose your creativity and purpose as an artist. Keep on practising, as this is the way to improve and develop your own art style. The learning never stops; this is the way I will continue in my journey as an artist.

3D Animation Graduates

Kelvin Cheng Zhun Hao

Major:3D Animation

Company: Silver Ant Sdn Bhd

First of all, I want to say thank you to Claz’room College for their amazing service and guidance throughout my time there. I am very satisfied with the informative and interesting lessons, and the assistance provided when students needed help. The classes were very easy to follow; most of the tutors can communicate in a few different languages during class, in order to cater and communicate with all students. The tutors are always observing each student’s progress, to make sure they are able to catch up with their practical skills. Other than that, the staff also prepared a lot of extracurricular activities for the students during their free time, such as gaming competitions, board games and so on. This place has given me a lot of happy memories, and is a great place to kick off your career as an artist.

Drawing reveals how I think, feel, see and experience about life. It is a medium for me to express my personal philosophy in my own way. With the rhythm of my lines, shapes and colour, I hope to convey what I have seen and felt to others through my creations.

Alvin Ooi Ye Huang

Major:3D Animation

Company: Anima Vitae Point Sdn Bhd

I graduated from Claz’room in 2016. Studying in Claz’room has widened my perspective about 3D Animation, and during my time at Clazroom I learnt how to create my own portfolio which is about 3D animation - that helped me find a good job, which is a great starting point for my future endeavours. Claz’room is a safe and convenient place to study. Furthermore, the lecturers in Claz’room are helpful and always provide guidance when I had questions about the modules.

Melvin Yeoh Wei Hou

Major:3D Animation

Company: Lemon Sky Animation Sdn Bhd

First of all thank you to each and every lecturer in Claz'room! Thank you for letting me experience the world of art. In addition to learning many things, there were many wonderful friends and memories made. Finally, to share a little bit of my own experiences during my studies, whenever I encountered difficulties, I asked myself why I insisted on doing art...... And it's because I want to be an excellent artist.

Wong Chee Seng
Wong Chee Seng

Major:3D Animation

Company: Lemon Sky Animation Sdn Bhd

Claz’room College sets a good foundation on what we need to know, and prepares us on how to launch a successful career in this field. The staff and lecturers are extremely friendly and helpful,  and the college also gives you a chance to make new friends! What I've been accomplished over the past two years has been truly remarkable and inspiring. Now that I’ve already got a stable career, I would like to thank Clazroom for all the amazing moments - it was a truly memorable experience.

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