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Multimedia Arts Specialist

Equipping you with the right skills, values and culture, to kick-start and cement a successful career. You'll be more than just a graduate - you'll be a sought-after, all-rounder for life

Vision & Mission

We aim to be a world-renowned institute in Media Arts, influencing and allowing those with a passion for creativity to join and become dynamic forces in the industry.

You don’t need to have SPM qualifications or a university degree, you can still enroll in our certified two-year courses. If you’re short on free time, we have month-long workshops to hone your skills.

As a hands-on school, our dedicated instructors will equip you with the skills, values and working culture needed to prepare you for a successful career, and to make YOU the best, no matter your background.

You are the future of the Multimedia Arts industry, and a representative of Malaysia’s art scene, which we hope will become one of the world’s most highly regarded creative hubs.

The Founders

Clazroom founder Ning
Tung Yan Ning, co-founder and managing director

An award-winning creative-entrepreneur, Ning’s passion for providing a comprehensive education platform led to the creation of Claz’room.

Clazroom founder Jin
Wong Jin Min, co-founder and principal

An award-winning artist and entrepreneur, his goal has always been to influence and create talented artists to join the industry.

Notable Collaborations

We are recognised as one of the most prominent art and creative multimedia institutions in the region,
not just through the education provided, but also through our strong ties with the creative industries.

Clazroom Tony Yan

In 2015, with Donnie Yen at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, presenting artwork based on the movie Ip Man 3, to be displayed at the Pavilion shopping mall.


Clazroom Radio Station

Being interviewed by Malaysia's top business radio station, BFM. 

Clazroom Award

We received The Entrepreneur Award by AEEF in 2014

Clazroom Sony

During a 2014 visit to Sony Entertainment HQ in San Diego, California, USA.

Academic Partners

Claz’room College has fostered academic partnerships with various leading multimedia institutions of higher learning in the UK, the Japan and the USA, where eligible students are able to pursue an international degree upon successful completion of their two-year dual-certification programmes. Our students will also come out with an Advanced Diploma Certification from Warnborough College in the UK, in any of our two-year courses.

Academic Partnership:


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clazroom remy

School Mascot

Remi the Racoon is Claz’room College’s official mascot, symbolising how our students will metamorphosize into highly-sought after multimedia specialists, transforming the arts industry as we know it - and having a lot of fun along the way. In Japanese mythology, mischievous raccoons, or ‘tanuki’ are able to transform by putting a leaf on their head - in this case the leaf would be their experience at Claz’room. We named our tanuki Remi after the ambitious and creative hero of Pixar’s Ratatouille; Pixar being an inspirational creative giant that we hope to emulate.

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