2 Years UK Advanced Diploma in 2D Illustration

“Illustration plays an important part in the media arts industry.”

The process of creating video games, animated films and commercials usually begins with Storyboarding – the visualised ideas & characters in the form of illustrations. This enables a complete showcase and explanation of the idea behind, and it is very crucial for all kinds of visual stories.


Digital Painting

Portrait Drawing

Line Art

Character Design

Concept Design

Monster Art

Matte Painting

Manga Drawing

ZBrush Sculpting and Illustration

Card Game Illustration


Character Designer

TV Commercial Artist

Background Artist 


Commercial Visualiser

Comic Artist

Game Art Artist  

Cartoon Artist

Manga character illustration of long blue hair girl with mechanical body and wings with a look of surprise on her face
Robot cyborg concept art mechanic illustration



Students should register themselves at least one month before semester starts to be prepared for school.


Full training programmes at Clazroom College run for a total of two years and are divided into six semesters for each course. Each semester lasts four months, which also includes a holiday/semester break.

Semester 1 (Foundation)

Start from basic! Don’t worry if you’re new in creating your own Digital Art. During this semester, you will learn all the foundation principles in 2D Illustration & 3D Animation, such as : Human Body Structure, Lighting Studies, Perspective, Colour Mood Studies, and so much more!

Semester 2-6

The excitement begins! You will get to explore a wide range of illustration styles, such as : Manga Drawing, Monster Design, Concept Design and Line Art. With the skills and techniques mastered, you will be able to create a strong portfolio at your final semester to kickstart your journey in this exciting industry!

Clazroom College mascot Remy raised his hand with a look of surprise on his face

Clazroom’s mission is all about your future career opportunity, other than the professional skills that we guide you to master, soft-skills that help you to stand out in your future working space. Most importantly, we provide networking opportunities to connect you with the industry while you’re studying!

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