2 Year Double Certification Programmes

The programmes run for a total of 2 years and are divided into six semesters.
Every year, we have three intakes in January, May and September


2D Illustration


3D Animation


Game Design


Digital Film Production


About Claz’room College

Claz’room was established in 2009. As part of our partnership with Warnborough College from the United Kingdom, we offer double certification (Advanced Diploma UK and SKM Certification Malaysia) in 2D Illustration, 3D Animation and Game Development.

With many years of experience in the international multimedia art industry, we know what we need to be successful in the industry. This is why we have created courses that focus on practical training, where students can expect the content of each course to be clear-cut and straight to the point.

A learning platform that connects students to the industry

Our students are highly sought-after thanks to the knowledge, skills and core values we impart on them. A world of opportunities awaits those who join Claz'room.

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Sharing sessions and field trips with industry veterans are organised each semester.

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Street Fighter was Admund Tam's first project after graduating from Claz'room.

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Before Aaron Hee had even graduated from Claz'room, he was already developing 3D artwork for BHP.

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