3D Animation

3D Animation is one of the most sought after talents in the multimedia industry. In the program, you will learn how to create your very own Hollywood style special effects such as character creation, action sequences and detailed motion effects.

About this subjects

"3D Animation work is one of the most wanted arts major in the industry"

It's is one of the most important sources to make a good movie and animation product such as major blockbuster films, movie, video games production visualizations and so much more. For talented and skillful 3D Animator students wouldn’t have to struggle for the future career as there is plenty of production that constantly looking such artists who are capable in producing a great standard and high qualuty of 3D animation to imply onto their latest project.


Animation, 3D Modeling, Storyboarding, Visual Effects, Sound Effects, Z Brush

Future Careers

Animator, 3D modeler, Character Designer, Animation Producer, Visual Effect Artist, Animation Director

3 Intakes in a year - January, May and September

Student should register themselves at least one month before semester starts to be prepared for the school


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Full training programs at Clazroom College runs in total of 2 years and divided into six semester in every each course. Each semester lasts four months, which is also includes a holiday/semester break

Semester 1

In this semester, you will learn all the foundation principle such as human body structure, perspective, lighting study, color mood study, fundamental in 2D illustration & 3D Animation. This is important period for all student in order to help them in their first step into the art industry for coming future.

Semester 2

In this semester, you will be learning more of 3D Modeling design basis and knowledge. In these periods, student will explore more different type of software that needed to make 3D Animation items.

Semester 3

You will be mastering 3D Modelling technique and start to explore into 3D Animation motion study, and in the semester, there will be more learning contents input according to the UK education requirement

Semester 4

In this semester, you will start involving into more professional work content. You will learn and create higher level of animation ideas and story development for your very own animation video during this semester period

Semester 5

In this semester, you will not only involved into more professional and higher level work creation content such as 3D moving objects or environment but you will as well get to experienced more useful knowledge for you future artistic career in the art industry

Semester 6

Final semester could be the challenging semester. You are not only required to master the 3D animation skills, you as well needed to push your standard ability to the maximum in order to build yourself a strong portfolio. You will learn to work as team and to create your ideal ideas together to start your journey in 3D Animation industry!


Submission for registration

Enrollment Submission:
Student is required to submit the following documents upon registration for the Full-Time Course program:

  • 1 x Registration form (request from us if you have not filled up yet)
  • 2 x I/C photocopy
  • 1 x SPM or any equivalent of higher education result slip photocopy
  • 2 x A4 size artwork (any drawing: anime character/human portrait etc)
  • 2 x Passport size photo (with blue background)

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