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Claz’room College Grand Opening Day

  13th February 2018, a significant day that we have been longing for, non-other than the Grand Opening Day of Claz’room College! Since the year 2009, Claz’room Academy had received endless enthusiastic supports and love from all fields that nurture and grew us into who we are. Once again, we are beyond excited to present to you …


Claz’room Halloween Party Night 2017

  Halloween is one of our favorite event of the year where lectures, students, staffs gathered and dress up in fun costumes. This year we prepared a lot of food and games as well! Boo! This year’s Halloween Party were held in advance at 27th October 2017. Everyone is ready for a haunting party on a …


New Straits Time – Featuring Director of Clazroom College – Tung Yan Ning

News Straits Times featuring Tung Yan Ning, Director of Clazroom College On the New Sunday Times, 01 October 2017. New Straits Time featured Tung Yan Ning, Director of CLazroom College. Read about how and why they started Clazroom College pursuing their passion, moulding a future generation of artists through Clazroom College. Read the full article at the …